Project meetings

Kick-off meeting KRAKOW

13-16 March 2017

This meeting was devoted to discussion on project goals and milestones. The first workshop aimed at definitions of work sharing of each partner, preparation of detailed program for instrument development and definition of the goals that are necessary for successful project execution. During the meeting we also had presentations of each partner involved and discussions on scientific focus of researchers involved in the project. Presentations are available on request, but because of unpublished yet data cannot be posted on web.

Executive meeting and experiment PRAGUE

16-27 October 2017

This 14 days meeting was devoted to experiment execution at Extreme Light Infrastructure, Prague. The second meeting aimed at experiment preparation, spectrometer development and determination of optimal sample geometry. During the experiment we have validated the instrumental approach that is needed to measure X-ray absorption spectra using broad-band mode X-ray source generated at ELI. We attempt to perform time-resolved measurements in optical-range in order to evaluate different setup performances. Experimental labbook is available on request.

Summary meeting BUDAPEST

4-6 December 2017

This 3 days meeting was devoted to results discussion and data analysis. The third meeting was focused on results discussion, data analysis and initial preparation of manuscripts for scientific journals. The meeting aimed at summarising the project, especially achievements from previous two-week experimental camping in October at Extreme Light Infrastructure, Prague. During the meeting there was lecture and seminar at Wigner Research Institute of Jakob Andreasson (announcement of seminar is at who have talked about the study of ultrafast phenomena in applied science at the ELI Beamlines facility. The presentation introduced the activities of the research programme for Applications in Molecular, Bio-medical and Material (MBM) science at the ELI Beamlines (ELI BL) facility in the Czech Republic.