Main project objective

The aim of this project is to develop and demonstrate a novel X-ray spectroscopic tool to detect and visualize ultra-fast processes in matter at Extreme Light Infrastructure facility, Prague, Czech Republic. The developed instrument will serve for V4 scientists working in the field of biology, chemistry and physics.


Development of X-ray spectroscopy instrument
Commissioning of X-ray spectroscopy instrument

Mission experience

The project involves institutes from each of V4 countries. It includes already established collaborations (i.e. Budapest – Kielce, Warsaw – Prague) as well as aim at establishing the new ones and connecting all of them around the central ELI facility beamline. The group of involved researchers is being well-recognized worldwide specialists in their field of research that is necessary for successful project completion. By combining aspects of X-ray spectroscopy (Kielce), time-resolve studies (Budapest), ultra-fast chemistry (Warsaw), biological sciences (Krakow, Kosice) and central facility (Prague) we aim at establishing long term collaboration going beyond the time frame of the present project. We aim to build common expertise and aim at knowledge exchange in the field of ultra-fast sciences.